At work

Opportunities for “Personal Development” is one of the key factors attracting people to work for an organisation (around 75% of new joiners state this a “top 3” attractor).

A lack of Personal Development is a key factor contributing to the decision to resign (around 60% of leavers say poor learning and development opportunities contributed to their decision to leave).

At FindMyWhy, we recognise how incredibly difficult it is to identify and invest in the potential of every individual in your organisation in equal measure. Typically, an individual’s experience or access to development is through their supervisor or manager – many of whom lack time or expertise to provide the support required. Around 1 in 4 people who leave organisations have never had a development focused conversation with their manager.

However, like you, we recognise the mutual benefit that employers and employees derive from a career that is nurtured, potential that is maximised, and a job that is enjoyed rather than endured.


But how do you solve the problem?

We can help your organisation to support your people in understanding what excites and drives them – and how this understanding can be put to use to create a life and career your people love.

Developed by our dedicated team of psychologists, our online service guides your people through the process of revealing their unique inner values and helps them to establish how to be the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally.

Packs that your people could have access to (with more on the way):

A unique insight into your organisation

Every individual who uses the service has a personal and private account – your organisation does not have access to data at an individual level. However, we can provide an anonymised view of your organisation that you have never seen, a truly unique insight.

We can help you:

Understand the Values Profile that exists within your organisation – helping to compare the prevailing values within your people and compare those organisational values that are on the wall.

Identify the key areas where you can support your people’s health and well-being.

Clarify what really matters to your people, what is important to them when they come to work, what drives their engagement and retains them.

What is the prevailing leadership style across your organisation - do you have a profile of leaders who inspire or a bunch of people who manage tasks?

The strength and depth of your organisations behavioural competency profile across the organisation – do you have the skills to succeed?

What’s the process

We build a FindMyWhy account that is just for your organisation that includes:

  • Unlimited usage – you can offer this service to every single person in your organisation (including new hires).
  • A unique URL providing access to the service for your people. This gives you lots of options in how people access the service – you might want to limit to specific groups or make available to all. The choice is yours.
  • The creation of a customised “landing page” that includes images of your choice, your logo and any introductory words you would like your people to read.
  • A self-service login allowing individuals to create a private and personal FindMyWhy account.
  • Choice of reporting packs. (As new report packs are developed you will have the option to add these to your account).


Questionnaire completion and access to report packs is completely free – you can offer this to every person in your organisation. There is a small charge for account creation and annual maintenance of £950 per annum.

Organisational reporting and analysis service are provided at an additional fee.