What unique value do you bring to the world?
How do others perceive you?
What are your strengths?

The Psychological Selfie® allows you to dive in and take a look at what makes you, you.

How it works

The Psychological Selfie® helps you:

  • Find out more about yourself
  • Really understand your personality, wellbeing, drivers and values
  • Know how you are likely to be perceived by those around you
  • Reflect, learn and grow.

The first step is completing a rigorous psychometric questionnaire.

Using your responses, we’ll put together a personal profile based on different aspects of your life- your personality, values, wellbeing and what drives you.

The profile details your personal and professional self.

From this profile, we create your unique reports and offer personalised guidance that will help you translate your individuality and strengths into your day-to-day life.

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What you get

An online psychometric questionnaire created by our team of experts, giving you access to a powerful single page Psychological Selfie®. Show me.

A more detailed report that helps to understand yourself in social situations; a work context; and your feelings about well-being. Show me.

Advice and guidance tailored to you.