You’ve proved you were the best candidate and landed that new job but are you going succeed? Your First 100 Days has been designed to help you create the success you want and need in your new job.

How it works

Your First 100 Days will help you:

  • Make a happy and successful start in your new job
  • Ensure that you have all the information you need to perform well
  • Build a network of people – its not always what you know, but who
  • Take the first steps to guarantee long term success.

The first step is completing a rigorous psychometric questionnaire.

Using your responses, we’ll create your Psychological Selfie® describing different aspects of your life- your personality, values, wellbeing and what drives you. The report details your personal and professional self.

From this profile, we then create four reports that tackle the areas listed. Each report provides guidance, insight and techniques to help you be successful in your new job.

The extensive information and guidance we provide is the product of years of expertise from our team of psychologists and will help you be the best version of you.

What you get

Being clear what success will look like to you. Show me.

Onboarding Myself. Show me.

Building My Network. Show me.

Ensuring I have what it takes to succeed. Show me.

The Psychological Selfie® included. Show me.