Our story

We have spent the last 30 years using our expertise to help global organisations measure people. We helped them understand as much as they can about potential and current employees throughout the recruitment, development and career change processes.

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear how one-sided this relationship is. Employers are able to gather and analyse invaluable insights into individuals but often do very little to share their findings. This creates a power imbalance that can leave normal people, who simply want to enjoy their life and work, feeling discouraged.

So we’ve applied our knowledge and energy to turning the tables.

What could be achieved if the power is redirected and rebalanced to empower individuals?

What if everyone had a better understanding of their preferences, strengths and unique value than employers?

And, if we can empower people to seek more from work, how can we also help them in creating a life they truly love?

As well as the innumerable dissatisfied workers we’ve come across in our field, we also all have parents, children, friends and colleagues who have lost confidence in their direction. We’ve seen first-hand the impact this can have on any individual, personally and professionally, and we want to help to make a change.

We are committed to helping people make positive change, find personal purpose and create a life they love, all for free.


That’s why we created FindMyWhy.

This is just the beginning. At FindMyWhy we are developing more specialised insight and guidance for people at different decision points in their lives.